Monday, February 6, 2012

This blog has nothing in it. It's just embarrassing. Please leave me. Ignore what I said at the bottom. I typed in a moment of weakness. I should have known I'd never write in here. PLEASE leave! Stop reading! I'm serious. Oh please! Oh my! I think I'll die from embarrassment if you keep reading. Boo hoo! Wah! It's killing me! I see the light! Goodbye sweet myself. May flights of angels sing me to rest. Oh goodbye cruel world! look out key board, here I come nj hjhnuagujym

1 comment:

  1. The title holds so much promise for us lost souls with nothing in life to give thought to but chocolate. Please write some thought stimulating trivia for us chocoholics craving to merely read the word 'chocolate' and offer even the smallest hope that this might become the wonderful blog it promises to be. Thanks for following my blog. I have pleasure in becoming your first follower. (ps. I have another friend who is an owl.)